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LW-NC High-speed Decanter Centrifuge

LW-NC High-speed Decanter Centrifuge is mainly composed of rotary body combination (screw and bowl, etc.), planetary gear differential, double motor (main and auxiliary motor) double frequency converter, integrated ship frame, fully closed chassis, feed pipe and automatic control system. It can be used for solid-liquid separation, particle size classification, solid-phase dehydration and liquid-phase clarification of a variety of suspensions requiring higher “g” number. 


Decanter Centrifuge


Product features: 

(1) The centrifuge adopts an integrated structure, with low rotation weight and center of gravity. The centrifuge has compact structure, small floor area, better load impact resistance, stable operation and small vibration.

(2) The centrifuge has high working speed, large separation factor, stable operation and high reliability.

(3) It is controlled by PLC+ touch screen and has a man-machine operation interface. All operations of the centrifuge can be realized through the touch screen. A number of data real-time monitoring and fault, overload alarm and automatic shutdown protection devices are set for the centrifuge to truly realize intelligent monitoring operation.

(4) It has a high degree of automation. It can realize the functions of one key start and shutdown, and can operate automatically for 24 hours, thus reducing the labor cost to a greater extent.

(5) The centrifuge base has good structural rigidity and heavy weight. Centrifuge operation is more stable, safe and reliable.

(6) The main bearing of the centrifuge is lubricated by forced oil, and the oil pump is operated and standby, which can better ensure the lubrication effect of the bearing, ensure the effective lubrication of the bearing, and make the equipment safer and more reliable.

(7) Centrifuge bowl and journal are centrifugally cast with high-strength dual-phase steel. The bowl has high strength, no welding stress and small part deformation, which can effectively avoid the deformation of key parts caused by the release of welding stress and affect the reliable operation of the machine.

(8) The centrifuge adopts energy feedback unit, which is efficient and energy-saving. The motor is driven by the common DC bus of double frequency converters, which can effectively feed back the energy generated by the auxiliary motor to the main frequency converter through the auxiliary frequency converter.

(9) The parts in contact with materials are made of high-quality stainless steel with full acid-base resistance; It can be equipped with various anti-wear technologies, such as tungsten carbide spraying, wear-resistant alloy surfacing, cemented carbide block, wear-resistant alloy sleeve and other advanced technologies, which can greatly improve the stability and reliability of the machine.


Iron phosphate, PVC resin, ABS resin, ammonium sulfite, precipitated barium sulfate, crude oil, barium carbonate, strontium sulfate, titanium dioxide, sodium chromate, potassium permangate, cellulose, ore, China clay, kaolin, diatomite, starch, soy protein, sweet potato protein, peanut protein, potato residue, landfill leachate, juice, beverage, vegetable oil, citric acid, waste oil purification, coal tar Asphalt, coal gasification slag water, washing water purification, DD GS liquor tank liquid, sesame oil, Sichuan pepper oil, animal fat, blood powder, power plant sludge, kitchen waste, municipal wastewater, domestic sludge, natural gas desulfurization sludge, calcium carbide sludge, activated sludge, ammonia sludge, alum sludge, drilling mud, coal flotation waste.

Parameters Table of LW-NC Series Decanter Centrifuge

Technical parameters  Main motor power
Auxiliary motor power (as generator)(KW) Weight
Diameter Draw ratio  Speed(r/min)  Separation factor(Fr)
380 2.7 4000 3380 22-30 11-15 2800 2900x1270x1120
3.7 3000 3100x1270x1120
4.2 3200 3229x1270x1120
450 2.7 3800 3610 30-37 11-22 3000 3100x1440x1023
3.7 3200 3350x1440x1023
4.2 3500 3537x1440x1023
520 2.7 3500 3540 55-75 15-30 5300 3709x1700x1202
3.7 5700 4000x1700x1202
4.2 6100 4300x1700x1217
580 2.7 3200 3317 75-90 30-45 6200 4150x1770x1210
3.7 6500 4320x1770x1210
4.2 7100 4460x1770x1210
650 2.7 3200 3700 90-110 30-45 8300 4900x1908x1401
3.7 8700 5167x1908x1401
4.2 9500 5283x1908x1401
720 2.7 2800 3153 110-132 37~55 11000 4600x1950x1483
3.7 12000 4885x1950x1483
4.2 13000 5100x1950x1483
800 2.7 2500 2800 160-185 55~75 15000 5300x2110x1582
3.7 16500 5800x2110x1582
4.2 17500 6189x2110x1582


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