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GK Series Peeler Centrifuge

Open the feeding valve in working and materials are evenly distributed onto filter medium on inner wall of basket by distributor. Liquid phase passes through filter medium and small holes on basket and is discharged out of basket under the action of centrifugal force while solid phase is retained onto filter medium and forms annular filter cake. Stop feeding when filter cake layer reaches the set thickness, wash the filter cake and close washing valve after washing is done. Continue dewatering materials and fully dry them, start scraper for unlading and filter cake is scraped by scraper and discharged out of machine through discharge pipe, and scraper retracts after unloading is done and enters the next cycle.


Peeler Centrifuge


Product Structure 

GK Series Peeler Centrifuge is mainly composed of host, transmission system, vibration isolation system (NL model is configured), hydraulic system, pneumatic system, electronic control system and other components. The tubular (or inclined groove) discharge, screw discharge and others are optional as the method of discharging solid material.


Product Features 
Variable-frequency speed governing and PLC program control is adopted and electric system, hydraulic system and pneumatic system are configured to realize the whole-process automatic control, covering feeding, separation, washing, dewatering and unloading. Convenient to use and easy to operate, it can complete feeding, separation, washing, dewatering, unloading and other operations under full speed, and meet the requirements of heavy-load production. The fully-closed structural design is adopted and automatic nitrogen refilling system and oxide concentration test system are optional to meet the requirements of separating toxic, hazardous, easily oxidized and inflammable, explosive materials. It is designed with complete test and protection, including door cover locking, host vibration, main bearing temperature, insufficient oil for main bearing lubrication, material level test, scraper position test, motor over-load protection and others. Tubular discharge and screw discharge can be selected according to different materials to adapt to wider material range.


Product Application
GK Series Peeler Centrifuge is mainly used to separate suspension containing fine and medium-grain particles, such as: starch, gulonic acid, ammonium chloride, manganese sulfate, ferrous sulfate, sodium fluosilicate, sodium borate, aluminium oxide, trichloroisocyanuric acid, sodium pyrosulfite, calcium carbonate, lithium carbonate etc. It serves in food industry, petrochemical engineering, salt chemical engineering, pharmacy, lithium battery new energy and other industries.


GK scraper centrifuge parameters table

specifications Basket diameter(mm) Basket height(mm) Basket volume(L) Speed (r/min)  Separation factor(Fr)  Loading capacity(kg) Motor powerr(kW)  Weight of host (kg)  Weight with platform (kg) Dimension(LxWxH)(mm)
GK800-NB 800 450 100 1550 1070 130 37 3350 6900 2750*1800*1650
GK1050-NA 1050 600 218 1400 1150 275 45 5500 11700 3100*2100*2150
GK1250-NB 1250 600 310 1200 1007 400 55 7050 13300 3450*2130*2170
GK1400-NA 1400 800 550 1150 1036 700 90 10700 20300 4330*2325*1900
GK1600-NA 1600 800 700 950 800 800 110 11900 22100 3970*2560*2700
GK1800-NA 1800 1000 1113 850 728 1400 132 15700 29500 5380*3100*2950



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