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HR Series Two-stage Pusher Centrifuge

The host operates at full speed and suspension enters the distribution disc installed on external basket through feeding tube (or the materials with high solid content enter screw feeder). Materials are uniformly distributed on screen mesh in basket under the action of centrifugal force field. Liquid phase is discharged from gaps of screen mesh and basket filter holes while solid phase is retained on screen mesh and forms annular filter cake layer. Filter cake moves forward at the axial direction of basket and will be unloaded in material collection tank in front of basket through the reciprocating motion of internal basket.


Pusher Centrifuge


Product Structure

HR series two-stage pusher centrifuge is mainly supported on machine base by using oil pump assembly, pushing mechanism, machine base, bearing assembly, basket, screen mesh, housing and other components and through bearing assembly. 280/400/500 series are armed with oil cooler in oil tank of machine base, pump assembly is supported by machine base and oil pump is installed inside oil tank. 630/800/1000 series are armed with external oil cooler. Rotating body is connected with belt pulley of main motor through V-belts. Electronic control box is an individual system and electronic control cabinet is installed in electronic control room. On-site operation box is installed at the on-site position adaptive to host.

Product Features

The whole operation process is automatic and continuous without the need of artificial interference; it can complete feeding, separating, washing, drying, unloading and other processes under full-speed operation; it applies to separate suspension (solid content: 30%-90%) containing medium-particle crystalloids or short fibers; it makes small damage to crystalloids and the filter cake is washable; it's featured by high production capacity, high recovery rate, low moisture content of filter cake, and low energy consumption; it can optimize parameters according to specific situation and more satisfy customer's requirements; the pushing frequency is adjustable, which makes the machine more adaptive to process changes; tubular feeding or screw feeding can be selected according to different material, making the range of applicable material much wider. 

Product Application

It is suitable to separate the suspension with better filtering performance and containing particle crystalloids or short-fiber substance. The average particle size of solid phase is 0.08-3mm, and concentration (volume ratio) is 30-80%, such as: n-phenylglycinenitrile, acrylamide, nickel acetate, cellulose acetate fiber, sodium dichromate, sodium carbonate, succinic acid, p-xylene, waste water salt, ammonium perchlorate, phosphate, sulfate, nitrate, ammonium chloride, potassium chloride, lithium chloride, ferrous chloride, potassium chlorate, chloroacetic acid, cotton seeds, gelatin, urea, boric acid, lithium hydrate, potassium carbonate, ammonium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, urotropine, nitrocotton, magnesium sulfite, sodium sulfite, sodium nitrite, aluminium oxide and sodium bicarbonate (secondary dewatering). 

specifications  Basket diameter(mm)  Filter length(mm)  Speed(r/min)  Separation factor(Fr)  Push stroke(mm)  Push frequency(min-1)  Main motor power(kW)  Oil pump motor power(kW) Capacity (t/h) (under optimal conditions)  Weight of host(kg)  Dimension(mm)
HR280-N 230/280 120/120 1800-2800 507-1228 40 30-80 5.5-11 4-5.5 0.5-1
(ammonium sulfate)
1875 2210×1460×1095
HR400-NA 337/400 160/160 1400-2300 400-1180 40 30-80 7.5-15 5.5-7.5 2-2.5
(ammonium sulfate)
1945 2530×1290×1155
HR420-NB 357/420 160/160 1400-2300 426-1243 40 30-80 15 5.5-7.5 2-2.5
(ammonium sulfates  in flue gas)
1960 2530×1290×1155
HR500-NA 410/500 180/180 1200-2000 400-1120 50 50-75 37-55 22 12-18
3357 3710×1380×1750
HR630-NB 560/630 240/240 1000-1800 350-1140 50 30-80 45-75 30 ≥25
3950 3115×1500×1360
HR800-NA 720/800 300/300 800-1600 290-1150 50 30-80 55-90 45 ≥40
6000 3650×1880×1610
HR1000-NA 918/1000 330/330 850-950 405-505 65-75 30-80 90-110 55 ≥28
(ammonium chloride)
13000 3840×2150×1977

Pusher discharge



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