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HY/HYC Series Single-stage Pusher Centrifuge

Suspension enters feeding pipe and distributing bucket when centrifuge runs at full speed, and is evenly distributed onto screen mesh on inner wall of basket under the action of centrifugal force field. Liquid phase is discharged from drain outlet on housing from gaps of screen mesh and basket filter holes while solid phase is retained on screen mesh and forms annular filter cake layer. Under the reciprocating motion of pushing device, filter cake layer moves forward alongside the basket wall, and is discharged from basket body and unloaded from front unloading port of hosing.


Pusher Centrifuge


Product Structure

HY series pusher centrifuge is mainly composed of hosing, feeding device, basket, screen mesh, pushing device, machine base, bearing block combination, motor, oil pump, cooler and other components; materials are separated and dewatered in basket; the pressure of oil pump makes pushing device perform the reciprocating motion while cooler installed in oil tank well cools the pressure oil; housing, bearing block combination, motor and others are set on machine base and the structure of whole machine is compact. 

Product Application 

It is suitable to separate the suspension with better filtering performance and containing particle crystalloids or short-fiber substance. The average particle size of solid phase is 0.2-3mm, the concentration (volume ratio) is 30-60% and operation temperature is lower than 100℃ for better. Such as sodium dichromate (sodium bichromate), sea salt, coking ammonium sulfide, well and rock salt, copper sulfate, mirabilite, cotton seeds, urotropin etc. 

Parameters Table of HY Series Pusher Centrifuge Product

Speed(r/min)  Separation factor(Fr)  Push stroke(mm)  Push frequency(min-1)  Main motor power(kW)  Oil pump motor power(kW) Capacity (t/h) (under optimal conditions)  Weight of host(kg) Dimension(mm)
750-900 250-360 40 20-50 18.5/22 15 8-10
(Coking ammonium sulphate)
3430 2400×1550×1540
900 453 65-75 20-50 75/90 45 30
12500 4015×1950×2050
750 377 80 20-50 90/110 55 40
15500 4216×2150×2130

Pusher discharge

Single stage


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