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Good news and good achievements | JBMACH won many industry awards


Good news spreads good results. Recently, JBMACH has won awards from many industries, such as "excellent supplier" and "advanced individual in the industry". Over the years, JBMACH has been adhering to the product development concept of "specialty, precision, specialty and new", and has successively developed hundreds of specifications of separator machinery products, which are widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgy, mining, energy, nonferrous metals, pharmaceutical, food, agriculture, chemical industry, environmental protection and other industries, We have delivered high-quality products and services to various industries and won the trust and praise of our customers.

Starch industry

In the 9th general meeting of China Starch Industry Association and the 7th World starch industry conference, our company was re elected as the director unit of China Starch Industry Association. Chenweimin, deputy chief designer of our company, was rated as "advanced individual in China starch industry" by China Starch Industry Association


It is reported that before the 1990s, the domestic starch industry mainly relied on imported siphon scraper centrifuges. In the early 1990s, the GKH siphon series products of JBMACH became more and more mature, and their performance indexes reached the level of foreign advanced products. Therefore, they were rapidly promoted in the starch industry, replacing imported products, and became the standard equipment for corn starch dehydration in a large-scale million ton corn starch plant. Its good performance has won the recognition of users in the starch industry and contributed to the technological progress and reduced investment in the starch industry.

Phosphorus chemical industry

In late July, after winning the "top 100 suppliers of Sinopec" and the "annual excellent enterprise award in lithium battery industry", our company won the title of "excellent supplier" in China's phosphorus chemical industry in 2020, which is also the affirmation of Chongqing Jiangbei Machinery by various industries. We will continue to meet and exceed the expectations of customers in various industries with high-quality services and high-quality products, continue to strengthen the cooperative relationship between the two sides, and make further achievements in the vision of mutual benefit and win-win results!



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Good News | Warmly Congratulate Chongqing Jiangbeimach Won A Series of Honors and Certificates Including the Certification for Five-Star Commodity After-sales Services!

In order to satisfy the needs of market development, Chongqing Jiangbeimach has always kept active explorations and internal improvements in combination with its own characteristics. Recently, it has been awarded a number of honors in a row.


Chongqing Jiangbeimach Makes a Wonderful Appearance at the 11th China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition

The 11th China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition (CFME) was opened at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) on March 7. The exhibition lasted for four days, and about 600 leading enterprises participated in the exhibition with their blockbuster products. The exhibition is a complete collections of significant achievements made by the Chinese general machinery industry in the fight against COVID-19, active action and stable industry growth. It is also a concentrated demonstration of the localization achievements of major technologies and equipment in the Chinese general machinery industry in recent years.


Chongqing Jiangbeimach Co., Ltd. special training class for marketing and service successfully completed!

From January 27 to 28, 2023, Chongqing Jiangbeimach Co., Ltd, held a special training course on marketing and service. The training specially invited the national separation machinery industry experts, the company's deputy general manager Liu Jiangang.


Chongqing Jiangbeimach Co,. Ltd. won the "Leap-forward Development Award" of CQME

JBMACH won the "Leap-forward Development Award" at the 2023 working meeting held by Chongqing Mechanical and Electrical Co., LTD (hereinafter known as the CQME). As the shareholder of the company, CQME fully affirmed the progress of JBMACH in 2022.


The fourth Technical Exchange Forum of Chongqing Jiangbeimach Co,. Ltd. in 2022 was successfully held

On December 29, JBMACH held the fourth centrifuge Technology Exchange Forum in 2022.


Assisting the development of new energy - JBMACH was elected as the deputy director unit of Cisia's Technical Committee for LiFP

Recently, Chongqing Jiangbei Machinery Co., Ltd. was elected as the deputy director unit of lithium iron phosphate material professional committee of China Inorganic Salt Industry Association.